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Mt. Airy Green Clean is a small, locally run, premium personal chef & residential cleaning service based in the heart of northwest Philadelphia


     We are Maura and Jesse, Founders of Mt. Airy Green Clean! We have had over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry where cleanliness and organization are the key ingredients for peace of mind

     The intersection of our passion for the culinary arts and a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of Mt. Airy Green Clean. Let us allow you to focus on what is truly important in your life by focusing on your career, family and hobbies

     Our approach to food is simple, nutritious, colorful and natural. We create custom menus according to your tastes, preferences, restrictions and goals. 

      Cruelty free, sustainable and vegan are the standard for any of our cleaning products. Not only do we use the highest quality for the safety of you and your family but for our planet and future generations to come. 


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